How LeaseGR screens tenants

Here are LeaseGR’s policies for evaluating applicants:

Age of applicants. Each applicant age 18 or over must complete an application. Children under age 18 must be listed on the application.

Application. The application must be completed accurately. Providing false information or failing to provide correct previous addresses will be grounds for denial.

Application fee. Applications must be accompanied by an application fee. The fee covers the cost of a credit report and background checks. It does not hold the unit, and it cannot be refunded if your application is denied.

Income. Gross monthly household income (combining all applicants) must equal at least three times the monthly rent.

Child support. If you would like child support to be included in gross monthly income, please provide proof of court-ordered payment.

Unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits counted toward gross monthly income must be available for the entire term of your lease.

Rental history: Housing references must be verifiable. Family and friends are not acceptable references. Unacceptable rental history includes evictions, disturbances, unauthorized pets, property damage, or money owed to past landlords. Any of these will be grounds for denial.

Credit history. If your credit history is questionable, the property owner might be willing to accept a cosigner.

Employment verification. LeaseGR will obtain proof of income from your employer and any other income source. If your income is not enough to pay rent, the property owner might be willing to accept a cosigner.

Cosigner. Cosigners must prove gross monthly income of five times the monthly rent and have a credit score of at least 650. Cosigners must be over age 18 and must not plan to live in the property you’re applying for. Cosigners must complete a separate application. A credit report will be ordered.

Criminal background. No occupant can have a felony conviction. Certain misdemeanor convictions also could be grounds for denial.

Pet policy. The pet policy varies by property. All properties that allow pets require a pet deposit. All properties that allow dogs prohibit certain breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers and American Staffordshires. There might be weight restrictions. All properties that allow cats require they be declawed and neutered. Please ask about the pet policy for the property you’re considering.

Fair Housing Act. LeaseGR Rental Property Management adheres to the Fair Housing Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, family status and national origin. LeaseGR is an equal opportunity housing provider.

Fees – Non-Refundable. Application Fee: $40.00 per applicant. Lease Administration Fee: $100.00 is due at time of move-in, this is a one-time, non-refundable fee.

If you have any questions, please call 616-257-3997 or submit our contact form.

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