Leasing service for real estate agents

If your business is selling houses, not leasing them, LeaseGR Rental Property Management can help you find a solid tenant for your client’s property when the need arises.

How? Simply list the property on LeaseGR.com—at no charge! We’ll handle every detail. Leasing is a contingency service—our fee equals half of your leasing commission, but we only get paid if we land the tenant.

What does our leasing service include?

  • Consult with you about the rental value of your client’s property
  • Advertise the property on key Internet sites and LeaseGR.com
  • Schedule and conduct showings
  • Screen prospects
  • Qualify applicants (credit reports, employment verification, landlord references, criminal background checks)
  • Consult with you and your client regarding qualified applicants (the final decision is yours)
  • Collect the security deposit once a tenant is approved
  • Coordinate and conduct lease signing and move-in
  • Verify that utilities have been transferred to the tenant’s name

Refer to our FAQ for more information about LeaseGR’s leasing service for real estate agents.

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