A checklist for moving out of your rental property

Please review this checklist when you’re preparing to move out of your rental home managed by LeaseGR. It addresses your responsibilities and includes tips for helping your move go smoothly.

  • Do not shut off utilities. If you are vacating before your lease ends, you are still responsible for the property until your lease ends. This includes utilities, lawn care and snow removal (if applicable). Any damage resulting from unauthorized utility shutoff will be your responsibility.
  • Utility transfer. Contact all applicable utility companies (e.g., gas, electric) to transfer service to your new address and arrange for a final meter reading if necessary. Remember: Utility service must remain in your name through the end of your lease even if you are vacating early. Do not shut off utilities.
  • Personal items. Please remove all personal items.
  • Trash. Please remove all trash. You are responsible for the removal of any large items that don’t fit in the trash container. If trash service is your responsibility, please make arrangements for final pickup and bin removal.
  • No patching or painting. Do not patch holes or paint walls unless you have approval from our office.
  • Cleaning. Please leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in. Refer to the Cleaning Addendum given to you along with your lease for specific instructions.
  • Refrigerator. Please leave the refrigerator on the lowest setting. Do not turn it off.
  • Thermostat. During cooler weather (October-April), please set the thermostat at 60 degrees. During warmer weather (May-September), please turn the thermostat off.
  • Windows and doors. Please close all windows and lock all doors the day you move out.
  • Keys and garage remotes. Please return all keys and garage remotes to our office the day you move out. Do not leave these items in the residence. There will be a $25 charge for each unreturned key.
  • Inspection. Your residence will be inspected shortly after you move out. If you would like to attend the inspection, please call our office to make arrangements.
  • Change address. Remember to submit your new address to the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Provide new address to LeaseGR. Please provide your forwarding address to LeaseGR Rental Property Management within four days of moving out, so we can return your security deposit and/or damage report.
  • Security deposit. Assuming we have your new address, we will return your security deposit and/or damage report within 30 days after you move out. The check for any refund of your security deposit will be paid to the order of all parties on the lease, unless all parties stipulate otherwise (in writing) before your move-out date.

We are sorry to see you go and wish you happiness in your new home. If you have any questions, please contact LeaseGR at 616-257-3997 or info@leasegr.com. Thank you!

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