Why should you use a property manager?

For many owners of Grand Rapids rental property, the question soon becomes “why would anyone want to do this themselves?” Here’s what it comes down to:


1. Fewer problems. Don’t worry too much about midnight phone calls. LeaseGR manages hundreds of rental properties and still doesn’t get many of them. But problems often arise at other bad times—Friday evenings, before your kid’s game, as you’re sitting down to turkey. That sort of thing happens a lot. Let us do our job so you can live your life.
2. Better tenants. A bad tenant is worse than no tenant. LeaseGR Rental Property Management gets hundreds of calls and clicks every day from people looking for a rental home. That means LeaseGR can find you a solid tenant, not just any tenant.
3. Higher profits. LeaseGR knows the Grand Rapids rental market, so you can be sure your property will be priced right—and probably higher than you expect. Many property owners are pleasantly surprised when they hear our suggested rental rate. By leasing all day every day, LeaseGR is also likely to fill your vacancy faster than you could on your own.

Are you ready to look further into the benefits of professional property management? Call 616-257-3997 or submit our contact form to learn more.

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