Top 12 property management services

Here’s what you get from LeaseGR

1. Marketing

LeaseGR advertises your rental property on key Internet sites, as well as, which averages hundreds of hits a day. Our phone rings early and often with inquiries from people who are looking for a rental home in the Grand Rapids area.

2. Tenant Screening

Our screening process includes credit reports, income verification, rental history, and criminal background checks. Thoroughness up front reduces problems down the road. You don’t want just any tenant. You want the right tenant. So do we.

3. Leasing and Showings

LeaseGR can get your rental property ready for leasing, then set up showings with prospects who meet your standards. Prospects never visit your property on their own. One of our leasing agents is always on hand to point out key features and answer questions.

4. Lease Execution

LeaseGR presents and explains all required documents to your new tenant before move-in. There could be a dozen or more—the lease, a move-in checklist, addendums, disclosures … whatever applies. We also confirm that utilities have been transferred to your tenant before handing over the keys.

5. Rent Collection

Real estate is a better investment when tenants pay their rent, so this is a priority. It starts with landing a solid tenant in the first place. If there’s ever a payment delay, LeaseGR follows up promptly and professionally.

6. 24-Hour Maintenance

Our maintenance staff handles most issues. When using maintenance pros who aren’t on staff, we don’t mark up their invoices—you pay what LeaseGR pays. Your tenants will have a 24-hour hotline for after-hours maintenance calls, so your rental property is always covered.

7. Accounting and Bill Payment

You’ll receive a monthly financial statement and year-end summary, so you’ll always know where you stand. LeaseGR uses web-based software called AppFolio—the best in the business.

8. Renewals and Releasing

LeaseGR deals with renewals 30-60 days before the end of a lease, increasing rent if the market warrants. If your property becomes vacant, it will be ready for releasing within a week.

9. Legal Proceedings

In the rare event that it becomes necessary to take a tenant to court, LeaseGR will work with an attorney and keep you advised. If you’re owed back rent, we can garnish paychecks and state tax refunds on your behalf.

10. Inspections

Some municipalities require inspections of rental properties. If yours does, LeaseGR will see to it. We also conduct periodic inspections of our own to be sure everything is in order.

11. Tenant Relations

Simply put, tenants like us. That’s not always the case in this business. Maintaining good relations with tenants results in long-term residents for LeaseGR properties.

12. Peace of Mind

Which, of course, is all that really matters.

Let LeaseGR put these management services to work for your West Michigan rental property. Call 616-257-3997 or contact us today!

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