Questions about LeaseGR’s leasing service for real estate agents

Why should I list rental properties on if I already post them on

Extra exposure for no extra expense. gets hundreds of hits a day from people looking for a place to rent right now. We also field continual calls from prospects and maintain a database of people who are in the market for rental housing.

Do you expect to provide management services for any property you lease?

We’re happy to, but we don’t expect to. If your client-owners want professional property management, we’re ready. If they prefer to handle management themselves, that’s fine.

What does your rental property leasing service cost?

Real estate agents can list rental properties on free of charge. If we find a tenant, our fee is half of whatever commission you take. Bear in mind: We do all the legwork and paperwork. All you have to do is deposit a check.

What if I list a rental property on but find a tenant myself?

You won’t owe us a penny. If you or another real estate agent finds a tenant, just let us know and we’ll remove the listing from We only earn a fee if we land a tenant for your client.

What about photos?

If the property is already posted on, we can get photos from there if you give us the OK. If not, simply email an exterior photo and 4-6 interiors to

Do you pay a referral fee?

Absolutely! We pay $100 per unit for a referred management client – payable to the agent via their broker.

How do I get started?

If you have any questions, please contact the property management pros at LeaseGR. If you’re ready to go, please do the same.

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