GR ranked best place in nation to own rental property

February 27th, 2014 by Lease GR

There’s no better place in the country to own rental property than Grand Rapids. For the second year in a row, a nationwide study ranked Grand Rapids number one based on several factors, including rental return, appreciation, vacancy rates and job growth. A recent story in The Grand Rapids Press shared all the details.

GR ranked best place in nation to own rental property

By Jim Harger

For landlords, Grand Rapids is the nation’s best market for doing business, according to a survey by All Property Management, a Seattle-based online network of property management services.

It’s the second year in a row in which Grand Rapids scored the highest among 75 metropolitan areas surveyed by APM.

“Grand Rapids remained the top score in the country due to its strong jobs growth, strong rental prices and continued escalation in home prices,” according to the survey, which ranked the markets by six factors. SEE THE FULL STORY…

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